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Commercial Agreements

An effective and enforceable set of arrangements with your suppliers, customers and business partners and affiliates is the bedrock of financial success for any business. The challenge in today's market is to ensure that all your major relationships are properly captured and documented. 

Our dedicated team of corporate lawyers is focused on ensuring that your contracts deliver the value and benefits that drives your commercial success. We are prompt and insightful, anticipating issues and identifying areas that need to be addressed. In addition, our contracts review helps you put in place systems that address not only your major relationships but also all those smaller, less high profile ones that powers your business on the day to day. 

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In particular, we offer - 

  • Joint Venture, Partnership, Subscription and Shareholders' Agreements involving various industries and jurisdictions

  • Franchise and Licensing Agreements for Singapore and Asia

  • Hotel and Leisure Transactions including Hotel Management Agreements, Tour Operator Contracts, Supplier Contracts, Brand Consulting Agreements, Events and Catering Contracts

  • Commercial Agreements like Distributorship and Agency Agreements, Supply/Purchase Agreements, Management Agreements, Consultancy Agreements and Service Contracts, Equipment Leasing Agreements, Tenancies, Assignments and Novations of Contracts

  • Media Contracts such as Broadcasting Licensing Agreements, Film and Television Rights Distributorship Agreements and Licensing Agreements

  • Information Technology (IT) contracts such as IT Development Agreements, IT Licensing Agreements and IT Maintenance Agreements

  • Employment matters, including drafting employment contracts, employee handbooks and share option/purchase schemes for listed and private entities and advising on the termination of employment

  • Immigration matters like applications for employment passes and permanent residence

  • Trust and Wealth Management

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